Soft inside and robust outside

Copes with family challenges

Our baby carriers in mesh fabric are airy and soft against a baby’s delicate skin, yet super robust to withstand daily use, hard wear and machine washing. The knitted 3D mesh in e.g. Baby Carrier We Air makes it cuddly and airy, while the outer layer of mesh fabric provides firmness and durability.

Dribblers United

Babies are world champions at producing enormous amounts of dribble in next to no time. But there’s a good way to avoid soggy, spongy fabrics: choose mesh fabric. Our mesh baby carriers allow moisture and liquid to pass through, and dry in a flash.

Long live the baby carrier!

Our mesh fabrics are durable and withstand daily use, including attacks from those first tiny, itchy baby teeth. They’re also colourfast and stand up to even the most laundry-loving young family. You can wash our mesh baby carriers as often as you like and still hand them down years later in mint condition.