Time to stop using nappies? 5 signs that your child is ready

How do I know when to start potty training? This can be very individual, but here are 5 signs that your child is getting ready for potty training.

Children mature and develop individually, so the potty training age varies from child to child. Here are five signs of readiness you can look for in your children according to Dr Robyn Strosaker, paediatrician at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, USA:

  1. You don’t need to change nappies as often
    If your child stays dry for a few hours at a time or has a dry nappy when they wake up, this is the first sign that they are ready to stop using nappies and start potty training.
  2. There’s a pattern to your child’s nappy changes
    If you begin to notice a certain pattern to your child’s nappy changes, such as after naps or meals, this could mean it’s a good time to bring out the potty.
  3. Dirty nappies are uncomfortable and/or your child clearly shows that it’s time to change their nappy
    Does your child clearly show that they don’t like wearing a wet or dirty nappy? When nappies become a regular topic of conversation at home, this is a good indication that your child is ready to start potty training.
  4. Talk about wee and poo
    If your child starts talking about “wee” and “poo”, it’s a sign that they are well on their way to becoming independent enough to begin potty training.
  5. Curious about your trips to the toilet
    Does your child follow you curiously when you go to the toilet and show interest in what you’re up to in there? In that case, it’s time to talk about what happens and how to use the toilet and encourage your child to do the same. Start potty training and bin those nappies for good! Read more about how to provide a good potty training experience.