6 yummy Halloween spooks

It’s super-easy to make a spooky-looking ghost. Why? Because the messier and more lopsided they are, the SCARIER! We’re sharing our top 6 tips for quick and easy Halloween treats to make together, so you can enjoy spooks at every meal...

Tips for making tasty Halloween spooks, quick and simple.
Photo: Ida Köhler

The Breakfast Spook


Boil eggs, draw faces on them and serve for breakfast. Mix spooky and cute ghosts so it’s not too scary for your tiny, sleepy breakfast guests.

The Sugar Spook


With a toothpick, dab liquorice or dark chocolate sauce into a ghost face on meringues. Eat as they are (sugar rush!), make an Eton mess or pull a thread through them for a cute (but quite-crumbly-so-best-hang-in-the-kitchen) garland.

The Snack Spook


Cut bananas in two and insert a wooden stick as a handle. Dip the banana halves in yoghurt and place on parchment paper in the freezer for a few hours to set. Dab on a face as described above. For the sweetest result, use very ripe bananas.

The Drink Spook


The Drink Ghost is potentially the most scary-looking one, as it’s difficult to control your face-painting with whipped cream as your canvas. But as mentioned above, mess is a plus: check out the ghost to the left – isn’t that a deliciously spooky look?

Mess is a plus

Top a milkshake, smoothie or ice cream with whipped cream. Carefully dab on a ghost face. Or don’t be careful if you’re going for a corpse-paint look! If you prefer clearer facial expressions, use chocolate buttons, liquorice candy or blueberries for the eyes.

The Dessert Spook


Buy vanilla ice cream lollies or the ones covered in white chocolate and draw spooky faces on them before serving.

The Candy Spook


Put large marshmallows on sticks and draw on spooky faces. Arrange your bouquet of spooks in a vase or why not make a gang of tiny marshmallow spooks to float in a mug of hot chocolate?

Now you’ve got enough spooks to last you until next Halloween.

Text and images: Ida Köhler