Lullabies that work

After music critic Kristin had her baby, more mellow tunes began to drift from her speakers. Here are her tips for good music that doubles as lullabies for her son Bruno.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Lullabies don’t have to be traditional, other soothing music can help coax your baby to sleep.
Swedish music critic Kristin Lundell plays Vashti Bunyan for baby Bruno.
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Hi, Kristin. What kind of baby music do you and Bruno listen to?

“Now I’m on maternity leave and not reviewing music professionally, I only listen to my old favourite bands.

I want Bruno to hear, and hopefully learn to like, the music that’s meant the most to me. Then we’ll work our way through the classics so he can get his basic education.”

We’ll work our way through the classics.

The music Kristin listens to has changed since Bruno was born three months ago. Now she surrounds herself with music that has more of a calming effect.

Getting your baby to fall asleep to music

There’s no rule that says only a traditional lullaby will get your baby to sleep. You can basically sing or play any soothing song you love when you cuddle or rock your baby to sleep. As Mum or Dad’s voice has a positive, soothing effect on the baby, the cosiest option might be to play soft music that you love and can sing along to.

“I usually play songs that could have been baby songs.” Kristin tells us that Bruno may fall asleep to folk music, or to Vashti Bunyan.

“We haven’t been listening to any classic nursery rhymes yet – except the ones in musical boxes. I usually play songs that could have been baby songs.”

Vashti Bunyan sings as smooth as silk.

Bruno gets to listen to music all day long when he and Kristin are at home. Music is always playing in the background. And she has a Spotify list which is constantly updated with songs she thinks that Bruno should listen to.

“When I was pregnant I created a playlist on Spotify that I named Bruno’s Music, and I constantly added tracks to it that I wanted him to hear. Like Vashti Bunyan – she sings as smooth as silk.”

Baby song tips

A classic lullaby that Kristin recommends is Who Can Sail Without the Wind? a traditional folk song from Sweden. “Although not the Lee Hazlewood soundtrack version because that’s impossible to settle him down with.” And Train Song by Vashti Bunyan is a more modern lullaby that gets 12-week-old Bruno to doze off.

3 tips on where to find good baby music

  1. Folk-pop from the 1960s
  2. Smooth jazz
  3. Modern post-classical

Kristin Lundell

Lives in: Hornstull in Stockholm, Sweden
Works as: Writer and music critic for a tabloid newspaper
My family: Bruno, born in February 2016, and Niklas