Baby swing or baby bouncer – what is the difference?

An electric baby swing or a naturally rocking baby bouncer – which is best for your baby? BABYBJÖRN explains the differences and similarities between a baby swing and a baby bouncer.

  1. Both imitate a rocking movement
  2. Both can be used from birth
  3. A baby bouncer is set in motion by the baby’s own movements
  4. Many baby swings require batteries or a power outlet
  5. A baby bouncer is easy to move around and take anywhere
  6. Baby swings are often heavy and bulky
  7. A baby bouncer rocks gently and naturally
  8. Baby swings often have several speed settings
  9. A baby bouncer is easy to fold up and put away
  10. Both swings and bouncers are fun for the baby

There are several differences between baby swings and baby bouncers. Did you know, for example, that a baby bouncer has natural rocking, whereas many baby swings are electric? Our baby bouncer can be used from birth and most babies enjoy resting in it. So which will you choose? Take a few minutes to read our article – it tells you more about the differences between a baby bouncer and a baby swing.

Electric baby swing or naturally rocking baby bouncer?

Both baby swings and baby bouncers imitate the rocking motion your baby experiences in the womb or in your arms. This has a magical effect! Most babies are soothed and comforted by the rocking, and many babies enjoy resting in a bouncer or swing.

The majority of electric baby swings are battery powered, so a lot of replacement batteries, will be needed, unless you choose a model that is rechargeable (or has a mains power cord). Electric baby swings have a motor that may be noisy, so you need to consider how this might affect your baby: will the sound be soothing or irritating?

The natural movement in a baby bouncer is gentle and usually has a soothing effect on a very young baby. In the first weeks and months, your baby will be happy just to recline comfortably and look at your face or relax while you rock the bouncer gently with your hand.

But it’s when your baby is a little older and discovers that kicking their legs or waving their arms sets the bouncer rocking that the real fun begins! It rocks when the baby moves, but stops rocking when the baby wants to rest.

You will find everything from full-scale little ‘amusement parks’ to more lightweight, portable models.

The main difference when it comes to convenience is that a baby swing is usually not portable. It is electric, and has a motor that makes it heavier and larger. It may also have a tray, toys and play music.

A baby bouncer is often lighter and more convenient, while giving exactly the same help to parents as a baby swing. The baby rocks contentedly and is able to rest in either alternative.

About BABYBJÖRN baby bouncers

A baby bouncer from BABYBJÖRN is lightweight to move around your home and compact, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s also portable: you can simply fold it up and take it with you wherever you go.

If you prefer natural rocking, you can choose between Bouncer Bliss and Bouncer Balance Soft. Bouncer Bliss and Bouncer Balance Soft have the same basic construction and features, but different designs and fabrics. The grey frame of Bouncer Bliss coordinates with the neutral colours of the fabric seats, giving it a sleek, stylish look, while Balance Soft has a classic black frame. Both these bouncers have ergonomic fitted fabric seats, but Balance Soft is sewn as a soft and cosy matching-colour ‘nest’ for the baby. There are also slightly different fabric options: Bouncer Bliss is available in quilted cotton and super-snuggly 3D jersey fabric, while Balance Soft is available in cotton/jersey and cotton. Both bouncers are also available in airy and quick-drying mesh.

You can buy high-quality fun toys in child-friendly materials for our baby bouncers. The colours and shapes of the toys spark your baby’s curiosity, stimulate their development and amuse your baby in the bouncer.

Extra fabric seat
If you choose a baby bouncer, you can easily update it by buying an extra fabric seat in a new colour or new fabric. All fabric seats from BABYBJÖRN fit both Bouncer Bliss and Bouncer Balance Soft. It’s practical to have a spare when the other seat needs washing or you simply want to give your bouncer a makeover.

Transport bag
You can also buy a transport bag in durable polyester for your baby bouncer. The bag protects your baby bouncer from dirt and moisture, and has a practical handle that makes it easy for you to carry wherever you go. It’s also a good accessory to have when your baby is not using the bouncer. Our transport bag fits both Bouncer Bliss and Bouncer Balance Soft.

Good advice for safe rocking

  1. Most models have a recommended maximum weight of 7–11 kg. Remember to stop using the product once your baby develops the ability to roll over and move around independently. Bouncer Bliss and Balance Soft both have an extra-long period of use, since they convert into a comfy children’s chair that your child can use up until the age of about two years.
  2. Make sure that there is a reclining position suitable for very young babies and not just an upright position for slightly older babies. With Bouncer Bliss and Balance Soft, it’s easy for you to choose between three different height positions.
  3. If you choose a BABYBJÖRN Bouncer with natural rocking, the rocking is completely controlled by your or your baby’s own movements. An electric baby swing may have as many as eight different settings! This makes it important to start slowly and take careful note of what the baby enjoys.
  4. It should be soft and comfy to sit in, with no hard edges or stiff back support. Bouncer Bliss and Balance Soft have an ergonomically designed fabric seat that gives the proper support to your baby’s back, neck and head.
  5. There should be a harness to secure the baby. Bouncer Bliss and Balance Soft have a harness that locks in place with two buttons. Use it even if you are sitting next to the bouncer – your baby’s development can go faster than you think and they may suddenly try to get out!
  6. Make sure that the base or foot is broad and stable to avoid any risk of the movements tipping it over. Bouncer Bliss and Balance Soft have JPMA marking (USA) and CE marking (EU). This guarantees that the product complies with a reliable and independent safety standard.