DIY Halloween decorations with balloons – 5 easy tips

These frighteningly festive DIY Halloween decorations are really easy and fun to make with your kids. Create ghosts, pumpkins, vampires and other classic Halloween figures, with the help of balloons, paper and marker pens. Our editor Ida shows you exactly what to do.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – DIY Halloween decorations are fun and easy to make with balloons.
You can make fun DIY Halloween decorations of balloons, such as ghosts, monsters and pumpkins.
Photo: Ida Köhler

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BABYBJÖRN Magazine – DIY Halloween decorations: a garland of orange balloon pumpkins.
You can make a pumpkin garland of balloons in a fraction of the time it takes to carve a real jack-o’-lantern!

Pumpkin garland – a classic DIY Halloween decoration

Nothing screams Halloween like a jack-o’-lantern! Make a ghoulish garland of pumpkin balloons by cutting out eyes and mouths from black paper, which you then superglue on to orange balloons. Tie the balloons to a ribbon and hang them up.

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BABYBJÖRN Magazine – DIY Halloween decorations: a cat and a bat made of black balloons.
Black balloons can be transformed into cats and bats before you can say “Boo!”

Cats and bats

Cut out bat wings and cat ears from black paper, and use sticky tape to attach them to black balloons. I’ve attached the paper details by folding down approx. one centimetre at the bottom and taping them along this edge. You can add other fun details too: a cat nose or glittering bat eyes made from sparkly paper.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – DIY Halloween decorations: easy-to-make white balloon ghosts.
When you turn balloons into ghosts, it’s up to you how hauntingly cute or scary they turn out.

Gang of ghosts

Ghosts are cutest – er, I mean scariest – in a group. So inflate plenty of white balloons, and superglue paper eyes and mouths to them. Give these features slightly different shapes and stick them on at varying distances to create different facial expressions. Draw on little arms with a permanent marker if you like.

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BABYBJÖRN Magazine – DIY Halloween decorations: Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster made of ghastly green balloons.
Vampires and monsters are gruesomely ghoulish for Halloween.

Vampires and monsters

Gruesome green balloons make ghastly vampires and Frankenstein monsters. Glue on ready-made googly eyes (available from craft shops or online), and make eyebrows, a hairline and a bow tie from black paper. You can add any other details with a permanent marker.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – DIY Halloween decorations: Black balloons with spider web and plastic spiders.
Hang ready-made spider web and plastic spiders on black balloons to get that frightful-delightful Halloween feeling.

Spider web

Buy ready-made stretchable spider web from a toy shop or online. Sometimes spiders are included, or you can buy little plastic spiders separately. The more you stretch the spider web, the more realistic it looks, so stretch it very thinly before you cover the balloon. Hook the spiders into the web and accept the fact that your DIY Halloween decorations will probably last until Easter, as spider web has a tendency to float away and get caught everywhere!

DIY Halloween decorations with balloons: 5 tips

  1. Paper. For the stick-on details, use thin coloured paper that easily moulds to the contours of the balloon.
  2. Marker. For the draw-on details, use a permanent marker pen with a soft tip, so you don’t burst the balloon!
  3. Glue. Superglue dries quickly and is easy to apply.
  4. Tape instead of helium. If you don’t want to fill your balloons with helium so they float, tape the balloons to the wall or ceiling, or make them into a garland.
  5. The more the merrier. Groups of balloons are more effective – a group of ghosts sends more shivers down your spine ;)