9 popular travel apps for your holiday

Here are some travel apps to make your holiday easier and more fun to plan. Read reviews to find restaurants that appeal to you or book accommodation in a location with no hotels. And what about a brilliant way to send those postcards you always forget to send? Nine helpful travel apps.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Excited children at the airport; our top tips for travel apps for your holiday
Transform the pictures on your smartphone into real postcards.
Photo: Johnér
  1. TripAdvisor. Read what other travellers have to say about your destination. Scores for attractions, restaurants and hotels, with lots of pictures, maps and options to make bookings. Possibly the most comprehensive of all travel apps.
  2. City Guides by National Geographic. Well-made city guides with National Geographic’s signature inspiring photographs! You can also read fun facts about the cities, check the weather and get up-to-date currency conversion rates.
  3. Google Earth. Get to know your destination in detail before you arrive. A brilliant way to pass the time on flights and train journeys – immerse yourself in hiking trails or 3D images of the Colosseum in Rome.
  4. Momondo. Find flights to match your budget and book directly. You can browse freely if you don’t know exactly when and where you want to travel. Scans all airlines, travel sites and low-cost carriers.
  5. Airbnb. Online marketplace for people to discover and book unique accommodation around the world. You stay in a real home – an apartment on Manhattan or a cabin in Dalarna – and negotiate the price with the owner.
  6. Uber. Book taxi journeys in cities. You pay by credit card and the tip is included. The price and route are displayed on your phone.
  7. Skype WiFi. When you’re homesick or want to show the folks back home what they’re missing! An easy way to stay in touch.
  8. Postagram. Transform the pictures on your smartphone into… real postcards. It’s much more personal and you don’t have to spend precious time hunting for stamps, postcards and letter boxes on your holiday.
  9. European Health Insurance Card. Not exactly fun, but extremely practical. It gives you all the information you need on how the health insurance card works in all the European countries.