What to pack for baby

All done! You've crossed off everything you need to do to prepare for your trip! So all you have to do now is pack. Who'd have thought the list of things you need to take for such a tiny baby would be so long? Why not use our short list of what to pack for baby instead? It contains practical tips and only essential items.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Many things to pack when you travel with kids. What to pack for baby.
Photo: BabyBjorn
  1. In-flight cot. Baby cots which your baby can sleep in are available to hire on many flights. Fantastic on long-haul flights in particular. Remember, these have to be booked in advance.
  2. Window seat. Book a window seat when you fly or travel by rail. That way you can use the wall for support while your baby is asleep or when you’re breastfeeding. And hopefully a quiet oasis for you.
  3. Baby carrier. A baby carrier makes life a lot easier when you’re travelling with an infant. It allows you to keep both hands free and your baby constantly maintains physical contact with you.
  4. Dummy holder. Having to bend down and look for your baby’s dummy (or blankey) every five minutes is no picnic, especially if space is at a premium. A dummy holder is the perfect solution.
  5. Travel pushchair. It’s handy to have an easy to carry travel pushchair with you for walks and late visits to restaurants.
  6. Travel cot. Your own travel cot can make bedtime much easier, as it’s a familiar and comfy place for your little one to sleep. Take baby’s used bedding with you so it smells like home.
  7. A few medical supplies. There are lots of things you can buy while you’re away from home, but you might find it handy to take a rehydration solution, something to reduce fever and a thermometer with you.
  8. Bag of essentials. A bag containing a change of clothing, nappies, something to eat and drink, wet wipes and a toy or two can make all the difference to your journey.