15 things that prove parents have superpowers

You get your child to fall asleep – every evening. You change hundreds of nappies with hazardous contents. You comfort and feed your baby every night (despite your own severe and chronic exhaustion). What more proof do you need that all parents of young children have superpowers? Read the whole list!

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Parents with superpowers: they change or ‘investigate’ hundreds of nappies.
Your superpower? You’ve changed hundreds of nappies and ‘investigated’ even more!
Photo: Johnér

From your very first day as a new parent, you seem destined to struggle with the feelings of guilt that come as part of the deal. Am I doing enough? Am I a good parent?

Relax; you’re already doing more than enough.

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You’re a superhero because…

  1. You read hundreds of bedtime stories.
  2. Or read ONE story hundreds of times.
  3. You change hundreds of nappies.
  4. And cautiously ‘investigate’ even more.
  5. And often end up with the hazardous contents (the number twos) all over your hands, in situations where running water is nowhere to be found.
  6. You change nappies in your car (badly parked after you come to a screeching halt)/at the beach (under a barrage of disapproving stares)/in the pram at a restaurant with no baby changing facilities/in filthy public lavatories and many other theoretically impossible places.
  7. You get your child to fall asleep. Every evening.
  8. And back to sleep 5-15 times more before morning (and anything from about 4 a.m. counts as ‘morning’ to a baby).
  9. You comfort your baby and breastfeed/bottle feed them every night. Despite your own severe and chronic exhaustion.
  10.  You abandon your freshly brewed coffee as soon as your child cries or calls for you. Even though the thought of that coffee was the ONLY thing keeping you going.
  11.  You somehow extract enough sustenance from some leftover baby food, half a mug of coffee (cold, naturally) and two lint-covered boiled sweets you find in a pocket, to power you through the next 12 hours.
  12.  You still manage to pack everything you need (plus a few extra items) in the nappy changing bag. Despite the above-mentioned exhaustion and unmet nutritional requirements.
  13.  And if you do forget something, you improvise a genius solution. Baby bodysuit + water = baby wipe to remove poo. Baby hat + water = also a baby wipe to remove poo.
  14.  You learn the subtleties of a foreign language called ‘crying’ in record time. All by yourself. With no help from tutors or dictionaries.
  15.  You take care of a tiny newborn person AT THE SAME TIME as you recover from pregnancy and childbirth. Superpowers, dear parent, superpowers.

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