Babywearing is a wonderful feeling!

German babywearing consultant René Rodig recently paid a visit to Sweden and we chatted with him on a long walk along forest trails and past the allotments in Ulriksdal, just outside Stockholm. Little Malte snoozing in his baby carrier aptly illustrated the most compelling reason to carry your baby – closeness. Read about all the other fantastic benefits!

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Babywearing consultant René tells us about the benefits of carrying your baby.
Babywearing consultant and mum fitness specialist: René run the mamifitness company.
Photo: BabyBjörn

What does a babywearing consultant do?

“My mission as a babywearing consultant is to teach parents all about natural and stress-free babywearing. How you carry your child – in a baby carrier, a sling, on your front or back, and all the other choices available – are secondary considerations for me. The most important aspect is making sure it’s an enjoyable experience for both child and babywearer.

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The mums and dads I help are very different, but they all share the same desire to carry their child. They come to me more out of interest than despair. They’re a mix of experienced and inexperienced babywearers; some have been referred to me, while others find me of their own accord. Sometimes their child may have a hip problem, but this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s a very diverse target group.”

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Babywearing coach René carries his son in a baby carrier.
René’s son Malte enjoying the closeness on a walk in his baby carrier.
Photo: BabyBjörn

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What are a babywearing consultant’s greatest challenges?

“It’s obviously important to try to get to know the parents. All parents need individual counselling based on their particular history. You need to be mindful of the fact that you’re working with what they treasure the most – their child!

I want to dispel parents’ anxiety and uncertainty. And make them understand that babywearing is the most natural thing in the world. Being a babywearing consultant is no ordinary job – it’s a calling.”

A baby has a natural need to be carried.

Why do you want more parents to carry their babies?

“A baby has a natural need to be carried. The baby enjoys the closeness and warmth, the familiar sounds and movements. It also promotes the parent-child bond. In addition to these better-known facts, it also helps the baby to develop their muscles, balance and physical awareness.”

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“Babywearing also has benefits for the parents, who regain a lot of their freedom and flexibility. I really only have one tip for parents who have never used a baby carrier: Carry your baby! Babywearing is a wonderful feeling, and it’s also beneficial and the best thing for your baby.

The babywearing trend has taught us words like “frog position” and “C curve”, can you explain them for us?

“The frog position is the position your baby naturally assumes when you lift them up. It’s the perfect position for carrying your baby on your hip and it encourages the optimal development of your baby’s hips. The significance of the frog position and the C curve, the slightly curved spine that you also hear a lot about, lessens as the child grows and matures. Very young children tend to automatically adopt an ergonomic position.”

Our first child had colic so we carried him a lot.

Is babywearing a big thing in your homeland Germany?

“I don’t believe the babywearing trend has peaked yet in Germany. But there are already so many different ways to carry your baby that parents are understandably confused about the best way for both babywearer and baby. They just give up and use their pram instead.”

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Babywearing coach René on a visit to Stockholm; he’s carrying his son in a baby carrier.
René inspires other parents to try babywearing: “Babywearing is a wonderful feeling, and it’s also beneficial and the best thing for your baby.”
Photo: BabyBjörn

What’s made you so passionate about babywearing?

“Our first child had colic so we carried him a lot. One thing led to another and I eventually trained as a babywearing consultant at Trageschule Dresden. I learned a tremendous amount on the course, which was led by babywearing expert Ulrike Höwer.”

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René Rodig

Family: married to Doreen and has two children

Lives: Zeulenroda-Triebes, Germany

Occupation: certified babywearing consultant from Trageschule Dresden in Germany. He is also a specialist in fitness for soon-to-be and new mums. He and his wife run the mamifitness® company.

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