Ten reasons I miss the bump

After carrying your baby around for nine months in your ever increasing belly, suddenly becoming un-pregnant can come as a shock. One mum tells us what she misses about the bump.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Why I miss the bump, Art Director and blogger Nicola Friend explains while looking down on her baby bump.
An instant conversation starter – there is never an awkward silence once the bump is visible.
Photo: Nicola Friend

I should first say that I was lucky enough to have a largely positive pregnancy, in fact, I loved being pregnant, and most of the things that came with it (except for the lack of sleep, I did not enjoy that).

Of course I love twelve week old more on the outside then when she was on the inside but it’s ok to mourn the end of the special nine months that she was brewing for? I think so.

Here are 10 things that I miss

  1. You don’t have to plan
  2. A shrinking wardrobe
  3. It’s an instant conversation starter
  4. The kicking
  5. A tight tum
  6. No body shape
  7. Thicker hair
  8. And nails
  9. Pregnancy yoga
  10. And finally…People treat you like an egg

1.    You don’t have to plan. While the baby is inside there is no limit on the places you can take her. You can ride the escalator, go to the theatre and the baby gets to enjoy coming along for the ride from the safety of the womb. As soon as it’s on the other side, transporting the baby around becomes a very different ball game. Prams and escalators don’t mix well.

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2.    A shrinking wardrobe. It’s a good thing, hear me out, I found being forced into a capsule wardrobe quite liberating. Everything from getting ready in the morning to keeping the laundry up to date is easy when you only have a few items of clothing on rotation.

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3.    It’s an instant conversation starter. There is never an awkward silence once the bump is visible, ok, the conversation might centre on the small human growing inside but I was always happy to talk about that. Admittedly a baby does the same job as long as you never let it leave your side!

4.    The kicking. It was comforting, surreal, but comforting. Occasionally now I mistake a bubble of wind for a kick and instinctively feel my belly before realising that she’s kicking in her cot now. Which brings me to…

My belly now resembles that of a pensioner who has spent too much time in the sun.

5.    A tight tum. Because my belly while housing a baby is the only time it’s been rock hard since I was a teen. It now resembles that of a pensioner who has spent too much time in the sun.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Pregnancy tips from blogger and mum Nicola Friend, here seen walking with her newborn baby on the beach.
Occasionally now I mistake a bubble of wind for a kick and instinctively feel my belly.
Photo: Nicola Friend

6.    No body shape. Or rather one that could only be described as very pregnant. My usual body hang-ups seemed to disappear as the bump grew. It’s all about perspective, an enormous bump on the front made my legs and bum look tiny in comparison!

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7.    Thicker hair. Oh how I mourn each strand that escapes me now. My usually fine hair benefitting from mother nature’s gift of holding on to every lock during pregnancy became thick, bouncy, luscious. Hey, it even held a curl. It didn’t get greasy either. I could really do with those perks now while I battle to get two of us looking presentable every morning.

8.    And nails. My usually bitten nails grew more quickly meaning that they often looked presentable, for a change. And in those long weeks waiting for the baby to make it’s appearance they were regularly painted too.

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9.    Pregnancy yoga. It’s gentle (read easy), we were all women in the same boat with the same worries and it was totally relaxing.

10. And finally…People treat you like an egg. ‘Let me carry that for you’, ‘do you want to sit down’. I remained perfectly capable all the way through my pregnancy but it does make you feel kind of special. And everyone likes to feel special. I think if we all just treated each other like we treat pregnant women the world would be a kinder place.

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BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Portrait of Art director, blogger and mum Nicola Friend.
Photo: Nicola Friend

Nicola Friend

I’m a 31 year old Art Director, writer and photographer, I’m also a new mum to a little girl born in December 2016. With ten years experience in the magazine industry. I am currently on maternity leave from Gurgle magazine where I art direct, design for print and web and photograph stories.

I live just outside London in what an American would describe as ‘a fixer-upper’. We’re aiming to get the fixing up, err…fixed up before our baby is on the move!