Baby shower decorations: 5 ideas that pop

Hosting a baby shower is all about the mum-to-be, but it's also the perfect opportunity to go all in on baby shower decorations. Party blogger Meredith from Cake & Confetti shares five colourful tips for creating that extra-festive vibe a baby celebration deserves.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Colorfully decorated donuts are perfect as baby shower decorations.
Gorgeously decorated donuts are great baby shower decorations. And a delicious treat for the guests.
Photo: Ailee Petrovics

Baby showers are such an exciting time and I know how important it can be to make it special for the mom-to-be! As a party blogger who is expecting my first little one soon, I’m sharing all about my must-have baby shower decorations to make the occasion memorable. I always recommend focusing the decorations in key areas of the party like the food and dessert set up.

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Baby shower decorations – my 5 top tips

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Colorful baby shower decorations with balloons in plenty.
Use balloons to create baby shower decorations that pop.
Photo: Ailee Petrovics


Balloons are such a great affordable option for baby shower decorations. You can use two large round balloons on either side of the dessert table or balloon tape to create a Pinterest worthy installation to hang above the table! If you’re not familiar with balloon tape, it’s original purpose is for creating balloon arches but I like to use it to create an easy wow factor for any party. I recommend using an electric pump to inflate the balloons to save time!

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BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Fruit and doughnuts as baby shower decorations.
Food as decoration is a treat for both the eyes and taste buds.
Photo: Ailee Petrovics

Food as décor

Gorgeously decorated cakes, cupcakes, donuts, french macarons or sugar cookies are perfect to double as baby shower decorations and for the guests to enjoy during the party. Be sure to use cake pedestals at various heights to create visual interest to the table. If you’re not serving a whole meal, I’d recommend keeping the options simple between light, easy to eat snacks and a few sweet treats. Use white serving pieces and choose foods with plenty of color like fresh seasonal berries or caprese pasta salad.

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BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Flower arrangements as baby shower decorations brighten up any party.
Variation is key for creating professional looking flower arrangements.
Photo: Ailee Petrovics & The Cotton Collective


Colorful florals brighten up any party! You don’t have to spend a lot with a florist to pull together pretty arrangements for your baby shower decorations. Variation is key for creating professional looking arrangements so you’ll want to pick up 4–5 different bouquets at your grocery store. Then fill the base of the vases with greenery as filler then add in a few larger statement blooms, a couple sprigs like stock or freesia and berries for texture.

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BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Signs as baby shower decorations is a fun way to present food or welcome the guests.
Using signs is a fun way to present food or welcome the guests.
Photo: Ailee Petrovics & The Cotton Collective


Not only will your guests appreciate knowing what the food options are, menu signs or food tents can become great baby shower decorations! You can download printables via Etsy to match the baby shower theme or make your own. If you know a local calligrapher or have a friend with gorgeous handwriting those are great options too!

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Create a baby shower backdrop where your guests can take photos.
Use a sheet, balloons or boxwood to create a backdrop where your guests can take photos.
Photo: Ailee Petrovics


It’s always fun to have a designated place for the mom-to-be to take pictures with the guests. I love this reusable boxwood backdrop I made, if you’re interested in a craft project, you can get the tutorial in the about box below, or you can opt for a more simple option like hanging flat bed sheet and then lining the top edges with balloons or flowers.

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Meredith Staggers

Meredith is the gal behind colorful party and lifestyle blog, Cake & Confetti. She fully believes in celebrating life’s little moment with a glass of bubbly or slice of strawberry cake! She lives in Houston, TX, USA with her husband Trent and they are expecting their first baby soon.

Baby shower decorations

For a tutorial on how to create a DIY boxwood backdrop – see instructions on Cake & Confetti.