9 things you need for a baby

Now having a baby is not the same for every mum. Birth experiences and babies' needs vary, but there are some baby essentials we believe every newborn baby and mama needs. Here is a list of the 9 things you need for a baby, according to Berlin-based blogzine duo Little Years.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Things you need for a newborn baby right from the beginning.
Where should the baby sleep? Isabel and Marie both preferred a baby bay – a little crib right next to the bed.
Photo: Johnér

Newborn starter kit

1. Warm wool onesies. Even when they are born in spring or summertime, babies need to be dressed warm in the beginning – our boys loved warm onesies, made out of wool and silk.

2. A sleeping bag or a swaddle bag. For a safe and warm sleep, newborn babies need a sleeping bag. Many of them also love to be swaddled, so a swaddle bag is also something we’d recommend to every new parent.

Time to pack your hospital bag?

3. Bibs. Even though it depends on the baby, some spit up a lot, some don’t, you need a lot of swaddles and bibs to avoid having milk everywhere. We did need a LOT OF THEM.

Our babies were rather uneasy so dummies were a lifesaver.

4. Dummies. Some midwifes say you should wait for a few weeks before using dummies. All of our babies were rather uneasy though, so dummies were a lifesaver for us, and we were both happy to have dummies at home even before the babies were born

5. Bouncer. This “babysitter” has really been life-changing for both of us. Our babies loved it, and it has been a daily guarantee to a shower, even when the babies were not in a good mood.

6. Baby socks. Sounds self-evident but babies need warm feet and they lose socks on a constant base. So buying a few pairs more makes so much sense!

7. A crib. Where should the baby sleep? A question with hundreds of answers. We both preferred a baby bay – a little crib right next to our bed. For naps during daytime we both loved the Baby Cradle.

8. A good carrier. Even more important than a stroller is a good baby carrier. The very first weeks should be spent in bed, but once outside a carrier is just so much more flexible than a stroller – and it leaves your arms free!

Our babies loved being so close to us. Many prefer wraps in the beginning, we loved the carrier systems. Marie at Little Years is a big fan of the Baby Carrier One.

The most important thing you need and, unfortunately, the one you can’t buy.

9. A good midwife and a person of trust. These are the most important things, and unfortunately, the one you can’t buy: good support is the one thing that a new mum needs the most.

In Germany, there are midwives coming every day after birth to support the new mums, check on their well-being and assist with the breastfeeding. And the daddys? They can help changing diapers, prepare food and just support mentally.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Isabel Robles Salgado and Marie Zeisler from the German blogzine Little Years.
Photo: Lina Grün

Little Years

Founded and run by Isabel Robles Salgado and Marie Zeisler. They live in Berlin and run Little Years since 2013. Isabel is a mum of a boy and a baby girl. Marie has a son and just moved together with her partner in Berlin Mitte – she enjoyed the single-mum life but is very happy about her new situation.

Little Years is a blogzine for parents who still enjoy a certain lifestyle, have a career and an interest in fashion and design. A source of inspiration for parents-to-be and everyone thinking outside the parenting box. This is where Isabel and Marie portray interesting and inspiring families and blog about parenthood in general and their own daily struggles.

Isabel and Marie on parenthood “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun! And having kids should mainly be about having fun, enjoying the little years, and not trying to do it all too perfectly.”