All children deserve safety

A child’s right to safety underpins everything we do. This means that we design our products on the basis of a child’s need for closeness, safety and development, that we depict children and families in an inclusive and respectful way in our marketing, and that we safeguard the well-being of the parents who work with us. Here you can read about how a child’s right to safety influences all our work.

Baby is kissed on both cheeks by their parents | BABYBJÖRN
A child’s need for closeness underpins everything we do.
Photo: Johnér

The convention that is our cornerstone

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child defines which rights children have and what should apply to children all over the world. It forms the cornerstone of our work, which means that we always start with the needs of the child, and keep the safety and security of the child in focus. This applies not only when we develop our products, but also when we produce and market them.

Cooperation with Save the Children

Save the Children fights for children’s rights in the toughest places to be a child all over the world. We have initiated a collaboration to support its important work for at-risk children. Our support includes the money we raise via campaigns where a percentage of our sales is donated to fund its work.

Products for at-risk families

We donate products that can no longer be sold due to a change in colours or packaging to different organisations that help at-risk families.

Slide show with children that clearly displays their different personalities | BABYBJÖRN
It’s important to depict a broad spectrum of children, looks and personalities in our marketing.

Inclusive marketing

All children and families are different, and this is why it’s important for us to portray different genders, ethnicities and family constellations in our marketing. Children and parents should be able to see themselves and their family reflected in an inclusive and equal way. In the 1970s, we were one of the very few companies that pictured dads carrying their babies in baby carriers, and today we continue to do our best to represent a diverse mix of children, parents and families in our marketing.

Working conditions in our factories

Many of the people who work for us are parents themselves. This is why it is particularly important for us to be able to provide a safe, secure and healthy working environment for all our employees and suppliers. The constant pursuit of lower prices makes it common practice for companies to move their production at regular intervals. The result of this is short, temporary relationships that make it difficult to safeguard good working conditions and compliance with human rights obligations. Any negative effects on parents often adversely affect their children as well.

Our products are manufactured in four different sewing factories in Turkey, China, Vietnam and the Ukraine. We have been working with the factory in Turkey since 2001. For many years, we have had a Code of Conduct in place, where the manufacturers guarantee that they satisfy our requirements for a safe and secure working environment. Their compliance is verified by both our own employees and independent third-party inspectors.