The benefits of babywearing

Carrying your baby in a baby carrier makes life easier for new parents. In addition to the practicality of having your hands free to do other things, while still enjoying closeness with your baby, babywearing has a number of other key benefits! When you carry your baby, you are also strengthening the important parent-child bond and this encourages your baby’s development as well.

Why is babywearing such a brilliant idea?

Newborn babies love to be close to their parents. The baby feels safe and loved in their parents’ arms, and a crying baby is often comforted as soon as mum or dad picks them up. It’s also wonderful for the parent to enjoy closeness with their baby. Carrying your baby in an infant carrier has many benefits!

6 great reasons for babywearing

  1. Bonding
    When you carry your baby close to you, they feel safe – the baby feels the warmth of your body and hears your breathing and your voice. At the slightest feeling of uncertainty, your baby can look up at your face and be reassured that you are close at hand and they are safe. This also applies to a very young baby who is not yet able to see very far. Babywearing means you automatically have more nurturing physical contact as you gently pat and stroke your baby or kiss their forehead. All this strengthens the important attachment between you.More about bonding: How baby attachment works
  2. Your baby’s development 
    Babywearing means your baby is always with you, whatever you’re doing. The two of you naturally communicate with each other, you look at each other and you chat to your baby. You may comment on what’s happening around you, explain what you’re doing, etc. Your baby watches and listens, and this encourages your baby’s language development.
  3. Calms colic
    Babywearing a colicky baby in an upright position may help to ease their symptoms. Being carried and feeling the safety and closeness of mum or dad may also have a soothing effect on your baby. Many parents of babies with colic report that a baby carrier has been a life-saver!
  4. Free hands
    Babywearing is practical because it leaves your hands free to do so many other things! You can enjoy closeness with your baby while you go shopping, take the dog for a walk or perform household tasks. It also makes it much easier for you to tend to older siblings who also require your attention.
  5. You can leave the pram at home 
    A pram is practical – but there are situations in which you can’t use it. Babywearing allows you access to places where you can’t use a pram. On a path through the woods or in buildings where prams are prohibited – a baby carrier is a brilliant alternative!
  6. Toddlers with tired legs
    If you have an infant carrier you can use for a toddler, you can take it with you in a bag and use it when your toddler’s legs get tired, e.g. when you’re walking home from the park.

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Remember! It’s fine for other adults your baby knows well to carry your baby in an infant carrier, e.g. grandparents or close friends. It strengths the bond between them and the baby. And it’s usually very enjoyable for the babywearer to experience this closeness with the baby.

Can I spoil my child by babywearing?

Some people may tell you that too much babywearing can spoil your child. This is absolutely untrue! Every time that you carry your child close to you, you are reinforcing your child’s sense of security that will stand them in such good stead when it’s time to explore the world on their own. It’s impossible to spoil a child with too much closeness and love.